All body treatments are performed in our “wet room” utilizing
the Vichy Shower. Created in Vichy, France, this therapeutic
shower stimulates circulation and relaxes aching muscles.

Slimming Body Wrap (60 min) - $70
This rejuvenating and revitalizing wrap uses blueberry soy to tighten and firm skin while increasing circulation.

Earth Essence Clay Wrap (60 min) - $70
This rich, enveloping ocean clay wrap reduces water retention and joint inflammation as it melts away toxins and soothes sore, tired muscles.

Herbal Cellulite Spot Treatment (add-on) - $15

This treatment is available with either body wrap and uses an herbal treatment infused with paprika to stimulate the skin and promote elasticity.


Bio-Slimming Treatments: 1 session - $50 Package of 4 sessions - $160
Ultrasound Radio Wave treatment that naturally breaks down fat and reduces cellulite
with no harmful side effects. For drastic results we recommend 2 Packages of 4 Treatments.
For best results, we also Recommend that you drink one bottle of water before,
and one bottle of water after your treatments to help flush out toxins.